Firms wish to achieve success and grow by providing better services and products to their customers and at the same time control prices for themselves. The module starts with an introduction to company finance and culminates by relating finance to the other activities of an organisation. Within the Company Finance monitor we offer a framework for corporate financial decision making associated to valuation, funding, company restructuring and company governance.

The Indonesian Company Finance workforce is closely aligned to the PwC international network, thus able to facilitate specific cross-border transactions protecting Asia, Europe, Africa and the US. Legal professionals, corporate advisers and compliance professionals working in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions are invited to attend these meetings.

Corporations that are hiring for future leadership positions in corporate finance will often have new staff work in jobs which can be ‘rotational’ in nature for about two to 3 years. We have an loyal dedication to our True North values and make sure that transactions are according to our clients’ corporate and monetary methods.

This in turn promotes staff and professional growth which is a desirable side in the progress and wealth creation of the company organizations. Being employed in a company setting can be an option, with a job profile related to future financial planning.

Develop a broad grasp of economic reporting and develop an ability to interpret corporate financial performance. The students that will graduate in Company Finance may have the chance to work within finance divisions of enormous firms, corporate banking and M&A divisions of funding banks, financial advisory and consulting companies and funding funds.