There are many causes of abdominal pain experienced by a dog. In giving abdominal pain medication to dogs, you must recognize the steps you must take to handle this case. The hope is that the steps we don’t take make our beloved dog even more painful. Also, you can contact the Canada Pharmacy to get the right medication for your dog.

What are some simple signs that we can use to recognize that our beloved dog is having a stomach ache?

  1. Dogs feel restless and uneasy. As a dog owner, of course, we easily recognize when this dog is having an irregularity. The odd thing we can observe:
  • The dog moves in his sleeping position. He seemed to not find a comfortable position to lay down his body.
  • Dogs move to and forth and repeatedly. The movement back and forth is done repeatedly.
  1. The dog tried to look towards his stomach. Usually, dogs will find the source of the pain. The dog’s stomach is right in front of the thigh from its hind legs. If your dog often looks in this direction, then we must immediately suspect that something is odd in his stomach
  2. Pay attention if there are a lick movement and excessive production of saliva. Saliva production activities are also very related to the dog’s stomach condition. But this still returns to your dog’s habits. We must be sensitive to the production of excess saliva.
  3. Rumbling or farting sounds. This happens if our dog experiences digestive disorders. There will be a sound of rumbling from the belly of our beloved dog, not infrequently also the dog will be heard throwing away the wind
  4. Frequent bowing positions such as prostration. Pain in the stomach usually can make the dog not strong. He tried to stretch the stomach muscles to relieve pain. His position is the bottom and body lying on the floor.

Medicine for Curing Dog Stomach Pain

After knowing how to diagnose that your dog is experiencing stomach pain, we need to know what kind of medicine is needed by the dog. Because if we choose the wrong drug, then we will make the dog worse.

I have seen a diarrhea drug that serves to reduce the work of peristalsis in the intestine. This kind of medicine is precisely what should be avoided because if the cause of diarrhea is due to micro-organisms in the intestine, and peristaltic movements decrease, it can even cause diarrhea to get worse. Visit to get the best medicine for your dog.